Tried and Tested

Kid-friendly and Teacher-friendly

When Move ‘n Learn Han® was introduced in the classroom, the results were astounding! Children learned Mandarin quickly and looked forward to their daily Chinese lessons.

Both children and teachers have experienced the ease in acquisition of Mandarin because of the programme's ability to help children recognise the abstract symbols in Mandarin and the sounds they represent. 

The joy that Move ‘n Learn Han® brings into the classroom through its multi-modal approach is like no other!



May Nah

Mother of Heather and Emma

"Move ‘n Learn Han® is a great programme! Its one of a kind curriculum has made Mandarin fun and interesting for my daughters and their command of the language has improved greatly because of it!"


Mother of Navin, Bryan and Lisa

"More and more focus is being placed on bilingualism and my husband and I recognised the need for our children to learn and be at least conversant in Mandarin. The fact that we are Indians and do not speak a word of Mandarin worried us, but Move ‘n Learn Han® has been the perfect solution for this."

Madam Foo

Chinese Teacher

"I've not come across a Mandarin programme as robust and comprehensive as Move ‘n Learn Han® . I am thoroughly impressed!